Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Drama In A Reception As Peter Obi Calls Nnamdi Kanu A Rebel And Candidate Of Psychiatric Clinic On Mirage Mission

The Former Governor Of Anambra State , Sir Peter Obi, Got More Than He Bargained As Dr Alex Ekwueme Lashed and Described Him as a " Total Embarrassment " To Igbo Nation.

Sir Peter Obi ,the former Vice President,  Dr. Alex Ekwueme and wife, Chief mrs. Beatrice Ekwueme , prominent Igbo sons and other dignitaries attended a reception in honor of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Geoffrey Onyeama  at the Nike Hotel, Enugu on June 24, 2016.

Based on our reporter's submission, it was a serene environment but trouble started when sir Peter Obi walked up to the microphone stand uninvitedly to speak about problems facing Ndi Igbo.

Initially, he made some valid points when he called on the general Igbo race to love themselves, live in unity and oneness, these attracted people's attention and applauses .

Then , Obi switched over to Biafran issue, he started giving the public reasons to ignore and allow Dr Nnamdi Kanu to rot in jail, called Nnamdi Kanu a candidate of psychiatric clinic on mirage mission .

He went further to call Nnamdi Kanu a rebel that secretly and illegally came into Nigeria simply to damage Buhari's Administration.

As if that was not enough, he swung into another topic , sir Obi started to enumerate the benefits the Igbos and the entire south Eastern states stand to get if they accept to give out lands to Hausa Fulanis as grazing zone.

Sir Peter Obi's remarks did not go down well with the public and the MC of the occasion who was signaled , walked up to him and snatched the microphone from him.

Some prominent Igbos present at the occasion could not hide their feelings as they started calling Obi traitor, betrayer , two faced saw etc. 

At this point, the former Vice President, Dr Alex Ekwueme and wife rose to leave the occasion in annoyance but sir Peter Obi rushed to them and made them seat back on their seats.

Obi took his time pleading and trying to convince Dr Ekwueme but the elderly man Ekwueme discharged him saying, Gregory, stop the attitude of " Notice me or I quench " it will only earn you embarrassment and hate. 

The occasion we are in today is exclusively for merry and as such, does not warrant your attack on Nnamdi Kanu or trying to convince Ndi Igbo to adopt and support you in piloting the affairs of Ndi Awusa by giving them our lands as grazing field for their cows and cattle.

I am sorry but I think that you are a total embarrassment to Ndi Igbo , always think before you act and not act before you think. 

It was a complete dance of shame for sir Peter Obi as he was seen moving from person to person, begging them to stay back and enjoy the occasion that he didn't mean to destroy their happiness but it was rather too late for him as most dignitaries stormed out of the venue in displeasure.

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  1. This then now calls for caution. All Ndi-Igbo should know who and who to invite to occasions!

  2. no insult meant.but its only a fool that dances to sulugede dance having full knowledge that its a dance for the gods and the deads.i rest my case

  3. dis one na tori no element of truth here ?

    1. U see how a typical baboon from nigeria reasons, he started with love between us and then move on to absolute hate and how to allow the innocent man to die in prison, it reminds me of buhari's claim that we are one but enjoys crushing and arresting unarmed, unsuspecting citizens.

  4. I am not surprised at this if it was true. I once saw peter obi in a post swimming inside flood water. I think he is slowly getting mad like amaechi in search of political appointment from d zooligical republic of nigeria. Nigerian politics hv succeeded in producing monsters amongst our people. They are now scared of d rising sun biafra and d reality of it and d gods are making them to dance naked in mkt places!
    These traitors and sycophants are free to join nigeria bc d israelites biafrans hv left to their promised land!
    Long live ipob, long live nnamdi kanu & long live biafra

  5. it is abnormal to see a town without mad person among them, but i wish the mad patient did not come from my clan, mr obi and company are not doing well, he may be chasetatised by the gods of the ezu river.

  6. If what is written here is true, Peter Obi is not a leader in all ramification. If he knows the magnitude of betrayal his support for grazing land for Fulanis means he wouldn't have listen nor say it out where one or two people are.

  7. Peter obi is it how you will became the president said no to Peter obi your a betray we igbos can't enter your bus in life

  8. Peter obi is it how you will became the president said no to Peter obi your a betray we igbos can't enter your bus in life

  9. Peter obi is it how you will became the president said no to Peter obi your a betray we igbos can't enter your bus in life

  10. Peter obi your betrayer hope your planning to contest for presidency you will start failling from your home

  11. Some people their mother played away match before giving birth to them please dont blamd them oĆ²oooo if the blood is mixed with awusa blood there will be no way you will expect such person to love the land of biafra. So is not their fult blame some disrespectful mothers. at my neighbouring town a boy killed his so claimed father with 'odudu eji asu akpu' why cos the blood is mixed. Nekwonum ooo aboyego ofu onye n' imo state unu asikenkwu gini Biafra has being restored since 2yrs ago spiritually.


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