Sunday, April 23, 2017

BREAKING: Oriental Times Launches New ‘Ultra-Fast’ Website, Moves To New Domain

We are happy to announce that the waiting is over, our new website is now up and running. This upgrade was necessary to provide our readers with lots of rich information.

The upgraded version of Oriental Times has a lot of user friendly features to help readers express themselves and surf the website with ease, it also features the top and most interesting categories, ranging from news & current affairs to the activities of Biafra & Niger Delta, Foreign events, Local News, Politics, Business, Sports, Entertainment, Technology, Lifestyle, Metro and Featured Opinions, on the front page.

The new address for the brand new website is WWW.ORIENTALTIMES.CO

It is not 'dot COM' but 'dot CO

As a matter of fact, all news update ranging from Politics, Biafra, Niger Delta, Sports, Business, Entertainment etc will be live on the new website which is

It should be noted that the new website is just an upgraded version of the old one ( Therefore, our readers will be getting same unbiased news articles and even more.

Meanwhile, we shall as always focus our radar on Nigerian politics and all Biafra activities in the country.

“Every hidden truth”, bad and ugly side of government will always be reported on the new platform without fear.

Have a wonderful experience surfing through our wonderful platform.

If you have any enquiry please use details underneath.

For General Enquiry, please email to

For Editorial Feedback and Contributors, please email to

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