Friday, April 14, 2017

Northern Elders - Why We Don't Want Buhari to Restructure Nigeria

Some northern leaders under the platform of the Northern Delegates’ Forum, NDF have viciously kicked against calls from several parts of the nation for President Muhammadu Buhari to restructure Nigeria.

The northern leaders, who were members of the 2014 National Conference, in a meeting in Abuja, said the federal government must vote more resources for exploration of oil in the region.

They said the north was not given fair representation in the conference with 189 delegates despite its landmass of 70 per cent and 55 per cent of the country’s population.

“Therefore, we were not happy with the report and have come out with this second report and communiqué," they stated.

A former Minister of Power and Steel in the Sani Abacha regime, Bashiru Dalhatu, while presenting his keynote address also said, “The 2014 national conference had 492 members and the north which constitutes about 70 per cent of the country’s landmass and 55 per cent of its population was allocated 189 delegates while the South with only 30 per cent of the landmass and 45 per cent of its population was given an incredible 305 delegates.

“This went against sensible demographics, law and practice, which could have hardly been done in good faith. Certainly it was designed to put in particular our delegates and the North in general at a disadvantage.

“All attempts to get the President Goodluck Jonathan administration, including pleas by well meaning Nigerians who genuinely wanted a national conference to reflect the diversity and complexity of the Nigerian society, fell on deaf ears.

“To reiterate and maintain our position that the report of the confab is of questionable legal validity, the outcome of a process that lacks popular mandate or support and major decisions were arrived at by undemocratic means or at variance with due process.

“To disassociate the NDF from any attempt by any group to seek to implement or force the federal government or any of its institutions to use the report of the conference, under any guise for the purpose of restructuring Nigeria.

“To call upon any group of sponsors or individuals agitating for any form of restructuring of the federation, first and foremost, to respect the existing constitutional order and to seek to do so within the bounds and parameters stipulated under our constitution and law. To suggest otherwise would lead to chaos and anarchy,” the NDF said.


  1. I hope the Biafran people are hearing the backwards half baked lazy illitrates that our failed elders, leaders, elites and political leaders want us to continue living together with them. They will be the first people that will tell you to put hands and legs together to move the unmoveable stone called nigeria forward but in reality they don't want to move forward and also don't want any other people to move forward because they don't want to loose their grip on our God-given resource oil and gas and therefore want everybody to remain uncivilized, undevelopped in perpetual and eternal bundage. The question now is, what is the next plan of action by our failed elders, leaders, elites and political leaders now that hausa-fulani has refused their nonsense and senseless restructure project? Are the going to continue in their stupid politics of blame game on their people? Are they going to continue with their stupid and idiotic politics of appaissement? Are they going to cowardly and stupidly opte for second report and communiqué by hausa-fulani's? It will not surprise because our elders, leaders, elites and political leaders has confirmed their foolish selves as certified cowards and idiotic educated illitrates. Did our so called elders, leaders, elites and political leaders have not hear that the civilized world has decided that Self-determination is an inalienable right? I hope our educated illitrate elders, leaders, elites and political leaders controlled by half baked alamajiris will stop their cowardice and stupidity. There is time for everything, It's time for chaos and anarchy. Peaceforall

  2. One of the reasons Nigeria is not progressing is because we don't always have a collective decisions. My question is, is this report from another conference or supliment of the past, and why coming up with second report now after much resources have be invested?
    It appears the Northern Elders are not interested in restructuring Nigeria.

  3. Any body(s) prophecing that this country should not be divided,shall die IJN


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